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Standards / purchase principles

Purchase / Raw material selection:

Strict quality requirements are a basic prerequisite for a permanent and safe cooperation with our suppliers. In the respective countries of origin we have many years of trustful relationships with producers (with most of them for over 25 years). We visit them regularly and together we set up specific Lauenroth standards. We use fresh ingredients in our production. Ingredients that can be purchased locally, are bought locally.

Lauenroth products / brief description

Prawns Icon       Prawns: Lauenroth prawns are first cooked then peeled, crunchy, naturally red colored and exactly calibrated

Seafood Icon      Seafood: tender crayfish and mussels meat, gentle pulpo and octopus perfectly cooked

Herring and Matie Icon      Herring & Matie: soft filets, mildly salted, matured at Lauenroths factory

Seafood salads Icon      Seafood salads: with higher fish- and seafood content, creamy, tasty, culinary colorful holiday memories

Dips and Spreads Icon      Dips & Spreads: fluffy, extra consistent, colorful variety of taste

Customers’ opinion:

“I am always convinced of your products, absolute premium quality!”

Klaus E. in November 2020, original language: German

“My parents and I, we eat your salads almost every day!”

Sebastian S. in September 2020, original language: German

“I am a loyal customer and I really enjoy buying Bollywood prawns!”

Ingo C. in June 2020, original language: German

“Finally, a manufacturer who does not wind up its customers. [Ref. red herring salad] finally one bites into herring and not only on beet root slices or mayonnaise. My warmest thanks for a super Sunday breakfast”

Mike T. in June 2019, original language: German

“For the first time I bought the product [red herring salad]. I have not eaten such a good salad since my childhood. The size of the herring bites and the beet root is top (one could define what there is in the salad) with a super taste!”

Ingeborg B. in August 2017, original language: German

“I love to enjoy the Lauenroth “Surimi Sticks”. They are great – every time an enjoyment. I straight away took some with me today.”

Kristina L. in July 2016, original language: German

“I just wanted to praise you. For my whole life grey shrimp salad is and has been my favorite dish. I have been tasting a whole lot of different ones. Right now, I am 53 years old and for the first time I found yours. I have to say it is great! Finally, one that has a great share of grey shrimps in it. The white sauce (mayonnaise) is perfect as it is. I am your fan now!”

Arne S. in February 2016, original language: German

“Yesterday I used two packages of your squid to cook “Frutti di mare”. It was delicious. It is of top quality.”

Xenia G. in January 2016, original language: German

“We have been on vacation for a week now and I again could convince myself of the top quality and the great taste of your products. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a retailer near my hometown [x] that sells your products. Do you maybe have a list that tells me where to get your products around there? Just enjoying these during vacation time would honestly be tee rare of an occasion.”

Frauke B. in April 2015, original language: German