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D-22767 Hamburg

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About us

At the”Hamburger Fischmarkt“ for over 50 years!

Who we are

What in 1968 had begun with matie, nowadays has expanded to a company with more than 50 colleagues offering about 200 different convenience products in 12 countries, well known in the German & European premium seafood market.

At Lauenroth’s modern and IFS-Food certified manufactory the high quality products are produced, using only exquisit raw material from constantly controlled sources certified for high sustainability standards and comply with high social and quality standards. Only finest regional and fresh ingredients are used.

Crafted with a lot of care, our products always guarantee the highest quality for the highest pleasure.

Convince yourself!

Lauenroth`s History

Lauenroth 1968 Geschichte

October 01St, 1968:

  • Company foundation: opening of the Lauenroth wholesale store in the butcherbarrack at Hamburger Fish Market
  • Sale of dutch mild salted matie
Lauenroth Geschichte

February 1st, 1975:

  • Opening of the Lauenroth manufactory in Ahrensburg
  • Moving from the butcherbarrack to the new retail areas at the Hamburg Fish Market, Große Elbstraße 133
  • Additionally to the main product (herring), innovative products such as frozen shrimps, marinades, salads, smoked salmon and matie filets are being added to the range
Lauenroth 1990 Geschichte

January 1st, 1989:

  • Transfer of the company from the founders Ursula and Werner Lauenroth to their sons Thomas and Jens
  • Doubling of the production space in Ahrensburg due to rising demand
Lauenroth 2007 Geschichte

June 2nd, 2007:

  • Opening of the new factory in Lüdersdorf with over 3.000 sqm fabrication area allowing sophisticated craftsmanship and providing modern production facilities
Lauenroth Produktion

February 2nd, 2014:

  • Expansion of production and office space in Lüdersdorf of over 1.500 sqm.
  • Implementation of the new skinpack productionline
Lauenroth Team


  • Lauenroth is producer and international supplier of premium seafood delicacies
  • Well known as „inventor“ and market leader of the popular „shrimps in garlic oil“

Guiding principles at Werner Lauenroth Fischfeinkost GmbH



Vision – our vision is quality
  • highest quality for highest pleasure
  • best performance for clients, colleagues, supplier and partner
  • we keep our promises
  • we convince through quality
  • sustainability and social compatibility
  • we use premium raw material

inspire people
through quality

Mission – our mission is,
to inspire people through quality
  • “the brand with the mermaid“ is a culinary experience
  • awaken culinary holiday memories with our seafood delicacies
  • quality before quantity
  • raising quality through effectivity, efficiency and innovation
  • provide room for creativity and inspiration

we are strong

Values - united we are strong
  • sustainable fishing and environmentally friendly usage of water and vegetation
  • long term trustful business relationships with our partners
  • target-oriented, respectful and appreciative togetherness
  • exemplify passion, motivation and enthusiasm
  • support and challenge employees
  • solution-oriented thinking
  • same internal framework conditions for all of us

Our team

Executive board

Thomas Lauenroth

Managing director

Malte Lauenroth

Managing director
Purchasing | Human Resources

Julian Meese

Head of Purchasing "Seafood"
Head of Human Resources

Sabine Wegner


Sales and Marketing

Dieudonné Mbodjé

authorized representative

Sales and Marketing Director

Bektas Ince

Manager Internal Sales

Daniel Recker

Internal Sales

Kim Jennifer Banz

Internal Sales

Tobias Schoeneberg

Internal Sales

Stefan Ritt

Sales / Retail Consultant

Marcel Krüger

Sales / Retail Consultant

Wanda van der Poel

Brand Management

Jessica Lenzner

Marketing / Brand & Sales Promotion Management

Annika Heinze

Trainee for wholesale and foreign trade management


André Mohneke

authorized representative

Plant Manager

Boris Lipianski

Manager Technics & Technology

Jan Brandt


Artur Holzmann

Manager Quality Assurance

Franziska Nierlein

Quality Assurance

Tabea Esan

order processing

Anne Höft

order processing

Dana Liphardt

order processing

Lucas Zimmermann

team assistant order processing

Martin Röther

Production Manager (staff)

Lukas Siegler

Production Manager (process technology)

Heidrun Ahlers


Benny Bachert


Hartmut Beckmann


Zefjan Ejlli


Florian Förster


Krystyna Fürstenberg

AEZ Concept Store


Uwe Güsloff


Nadine Hauswald


Petra Lehmann


Torsten Lübke


Maik Müller


Wolfgang Pieper


Madlen Runo


Anett Schiefner


Uwe Schlag


Ulrike Stachowiak


Jana Volkmann


Nicole Voss


Marlen Kutscher


Tim Bockwoldt


Torsten Lübke


Michael Schmidt

Head of Dispatch and Incoming Goods

Philipp Kosemetzky


Andreas Pfnister

Incoming Goods

Viktor Tristan


Jana Volkmann


Daniel Wellner


Christa Windmüller


Ronny Wittkopf


Katarina Lourenco da Silva

Service / Sustainability management

Customers’ opinion:

"I bought your herring salad a few days ago and I’ve already eaten it. Simply delicious, great fish taste and fruity – really good. Please don’t change it, leave it that way… .".

Hans Peter H. in November 2021 original language: German

"Your house has a new" follower ". Why? I discovered the grey shrimp salad. The area in the refrigerated shelf was so noticeably empty and only a few servings left. It must taste good, I thought. Thinking about how you make it that delicious;) from now on I will be looking for your products."

Heike N. in July 2021 original language: German

"I have just tried your second fish salad - Hamburg herring tip, before that red herring salad - and I can only say: excellent! Finally salads where the ratio of fish to sauce is right - and the taste is excellent. Great goods. !"

Dietrich G. in June 2021 original language: German

"Moin moin Lauenroth company! First of all I would like to tell you that I LOVE your salads! Whether Bollywood or scampi in your garlic sauce ... But there is nothing better than your Grey shrimp salad! Please never change the recipe here!"

Constanze S. in May 2021 original language: German

"I love your seafood products! Fantastic taste, high quality and distinctive recipes! My favorites: Beetroot, herring salad & crayfish curry!"

Diana K. in April 2021 original language: German

"Dear Sir or Madam, I am disappointed. Very much! Your shrimp salad is the best I know! [...] What would I give to start the day with your shrimp salad every weekend. I would be the best customer ! "

Lena W. in March 2021 original language: German

“I am a huge fan of your Pulpo Tentacle Italia. I live in Amsterdam and i’ve been in several fish stores and I can’t find the pulpo anywhere! And i really love your Pulpo! I bet all the other products are very delicious too! I sure want to try them all!"

Jenny F. (SUPERFAN) in January 2021 original language: German

I just want to say thank you at this point. For years, crab salad has always been a good breakfast for me and my family. Now I recently discovered your crab salad at metro and didn't know it yet. And what can I say : This is the best crab salad I've ever eaten !!!! With an extremely fair ratio between sauce and crab. I am now providing all my friends and family with it. Thank you for your good work!

Carl-Michael H. in November 2020, original language: German

“I am always convinced of your products, absolute premium quality!”

Klaus E. in November 2020, original language: German

“My parents and I, we eat your salads almost every day!”

Sebastian S. in September 2020, original language: German

“I am a loyal customer and I really enjoy buying Bollywood prawns!”

Ingo C. in June 2020, original language: German

“Finally, a manufacturer who does not wind up its customers. [Ref. red herring salad] finally one bites into herring and not only on beet root slices or mayonnaise. My warmest thanks for a super Sunday breakfast”

Mike T. in June 2019, original language: German

“For the first time I bought the product [red herring salad]. I have not eaten such a good salad since my childhood. The size of the herring bites and the beet root is top (one could define what there is in the salad) with a super taste!”

Ingeborg B. in August 2017, original language: German

“I love to enjoy the Lauenroth “Surimi Sticks”. They are great – every time an enjoyment. I straight away took some with me today.”

Kristina L. in July 2016, original language: German